Our Team of Experts

Gerrit Cloete

Productivity Innovator
Through his innovative methods, individuals and teams are acheiving optimal productivity with minimal effort.

Duncan Hattingh

Tech Integration Specialist
Duncan's expertise in Outlook ensures communication is not just efficient, but strategically aligned with business objectives.

Richard de Villiers

Richard designs strategies where teams not only connect and communicate better, but their collaboration becomes a driving force for success.

Our Track Record

We proudly boast:

    • Over two decades of experience, making life easier for more than 15,000 individuals from 320+ companies across 12 nations.
    • A track record of partnering with 71 of South Africa’s Top 500 best-managed companies.
    • Unlocking the possibility of adding 1 250 years of productive time for our 15 000 students – every year.
    • A direct, personalised approach, always prioritising your needs.
    • An ever-evolving knowledge base, ensuring up-to-date solutions


Being Small Matters

Our small team size allows for agile and tailored solutions for your needs.

Direct Communication: You have direct access to us, leading to faster decision-making and clear communication.

Flexibility: It’s easy to customise our offering and adapt to your schedule.

Agility: We can pivot more quickly in response to feedback or changes in the productivity industry and your needs.

Cost-Effectiveness: We have lower overheads, which can translate into more cost-effective solutions.

Innovative Approaches: We like trying innovative or unconventional approaches, offering fresh perspectives and solutions.