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At Productivity Pit Stop, we don’t just offer courses – we create tailored productivity solutions that blend technology and methodology to fit your team’s unique needs. Our expertise in Microsoft Outlook and Teams, combined with innovative productivity strategies, makes us your ideal partner in turning everyday challenges into opportunities for growth.

Our Approach: Co-Creation for Optimal Productivity

We begin with a discovery of your ‘Productivity Bermuda Triangle’ – those time wasters that hold back your team. Then, together, we design a solution that not only addresses these challenges but also leverages your existing tools and workflows for maximum impact.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

Whether it’s harnessing the power of Outlook for effective task management, mastering small projects, or optimizing team collaboration with Teams, our services are as unique as your challenges. From individual coaching to interactive workshops, our approach is all about finding the right blend for you. 

It’s Prudent and Vital to Ask About ROI

At Productivity Pit Stop, we’re experts in upcycling lost time into measurable productivity assets.

Using South Africa’s average salary of R31 300 as a basis, our bespoke solutions can help teams of 10 people save an impressive R313 000 annually in productive time. This figure, grounded in real-world data, demonstrates the significant ROI our clients experience.

Beyond the ROI of direct time savings, addressing the Cost of Inaction (COI) is essential. Inaction can lead to losing one month of productive time every year, increased employee turnover, higher stress, and lowered morale.

What People Say

We have worked with 71 of the Top 500 Best-Managed companies in South Africa, as well as 320+ other companies in 12 countries. So far more than 15 000 individuals are already benefiting from our Optimal Productivity system.

Among these, here are the experiences of two individuals who have benefitted from our Optimal Productivity system.


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Ready to explore how we can enhance your productivity? Connect with us for a 17-minute exploratory session. Together, we’ll start the journey towards a more productive, efficient workplace.

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