Welcome to Productivity Pit Stop:
Shaping Tomorrow’s Workplace Efficiency


Discover our unique journey in unconventional productivity solutions. At Productivity Pit Stop, we blend our expertise in technology and human-centric strategies to optimize efficiency in workplaces. 

Our Story and Vision
Founded in 1991 by Gerrit Cloete, Productivity Pit Stop has evolved from a solo endeavor into a dynamic team, including Gerrit and Duncan Hattingh. We combine decades of experience in productivity enhancement, leveraging tools like MS Outlook and Teams to create environments where efficiency thrives. 

Meet Gerrit and Duncan
Gerrit, with a diverse background in teaching and productivity training, along with Duncan’s tech-savvy and process-oriented approach, forms the core of our consultancy. This combination ensures that our solutions are both innovative and practically applicable.

The Power of a Small Team
Being a boutique consultancy, we offer personalized, agile solutions. Our size allows for direct communication, flexibility in service delivery, and cost-effective, innovative strategies.

Collaborative Expertise
We extend our capabilities through collaborations with specialists like Richard de Villiers in Microsoft Teams and Colin Hall in human performance, enriching our productivity solutions.

Global Impact and Personalised Service
Our global presence spans 320 companies in 12 countries, impacting over 15,000 individuals. Our strength lies in creating custom solutions aligned with your specific goals, ensuring a significant impact on your organization’s productivity.

Join Our Journey Towards Enhanced Productivity
Embark on a transformative journey with us. Our expertise, combined with a network of professionals, guarantees a comprehensive approach to meet your unique productivity challenges.

Connect and Transform
Contact us for a personalised consultation. Together, we’ll explore how our unique blend of expertise can benefit your organization.