Your Questions, Answered

We understand that you may have a few questions.

Below are our responses to the ones we hear most frequently.

If you have any more questions, please contact us.

Gerrit Cloete and Duncan Hattingh 


The return on investment is multi-faceted.  It comes in  time saved (40 minutes per person every day), decreased stress, improved focus, and completion of tasks.    Also consider the COI, or Cost Of Inaction, for every day that the investment is delayed.

With more than 15 000 users of our system, from 320+ companies in 12 countries, we are confident in saying that the results you desire can be achieved. 

There is no “waiting period” – results keep coming from day 1.

And there is little effort required to achieve the outcomes.  

All of which add up to the significant value you get from the return on your investment.

Using South Africa’s average salary of R31 300 as a basis, our bespoke solutions can help teams of 10 people save an impressive R313 000 annually in productive time. This figure, grounded in real-world data, demonstrates the significant ROI our clients experience.


We will put our heads together when we design your programme.  We have found that 10 – 15 people in a group is optimal.  For more people we will create the number of groups required so we do not compromise the quality and impact of the experience.

While our dynamic courses don’t fit traditional accreditation frameworks, we offer widely recognized short courses – something that is highly valued within South Africa’s SAQA system.

We will first determine and agree on your desired results.  Only then will we be able to establish and negotiate the fee.

No, but there is a “result guaranteed” guarantee.  Before we engage, we will agree on the outcomes you want to achieve and how we will know that they have been achieved. We will keep working with you until we are both happy that it has happened.

Our expertise is to help people and companies MS Outlook, MS Teams and OneNote as trusted business productivity tools. Sadly we will not be able to support you if you use Mac technology.

Of course, you can. But on the web, you don’t get live input from a facilitator that can respond to your questions immediately. Nor do you have the opportunity to gain from the experiences of your co-participants and to bounce your thoughts, ideas and problems off them. 

We guarantee it. Other power users end up telling us that they were pleasantly surprised how much they learned with us and how much they have benefited from the experience.

Our collaborating partner Richard de Villiers can help you with that. We are happy to put you in touch.  Click to let us know that you are interested.