Optimal Personal Productivity (With MS Outlook and Other Productivity Tools)

We offer a wide range of programmes in our Optimal Personal Productivity segment:

  • Outlook Productivity (our flagship): manage everyday activities (including meetings) and critical reference information.
  • How to use ChatGPT as your productivity thinking partner.
  • Managing Small Projects: plan, organise, collaborate, track, execute and successfully complete your small projects (everything that takes more than one action to complete).
  • Effective and productive meetings.
  • Cutting down on unnecessary red tape and outdated practices and practices.
  • Mind Mapping with Xmind. (Standalone or part of Mastering Small Projects.)
  • Unconventional Productivity. Standalone or series on topics like ditching your to-do list to be more productive, and how to harness laziness!
  • Productivity Power Hour – Series of 50-minute webinars on popular topics like clarity, prioritisation, alignment, focus, completion, continuous improvement.
  • One-to-One High Performance Workflow Coaching.
  • Co-creation of bespoke initiatives.


Right now, our focus is on Outlook Productivity and Managing Small Projects.


Outlook Productivity: Getting the right things done easier, faster, and better.

Outlook Productivity brings our high-impact productivity system to the way your people think about the way they work and help them to use Outlook as their trusted business productivity tool, and not just for email.

It’s not just “basic/advanced Outlook training” – that’s not what we do.
It’s a blend of time-proven productivity principles integrated with your work processes and using Outlook as enabling tool to become even more productive.
The course has been approved for CPD points by SAICA and FAMC (Finance and Asset Management Consultants).  We can apply for your industry as well.
We help you overcome these common productivity challenges:

  • Email-overwhelm.
  • Difficulty in prioritising.
  • Distractions.
  • Wasting time looking for information.
  • Ineffective meetings.
  • Inefficient management and tracking of multiple projects.


What our clients say about Outlook Productivity

  • “The team is very excited and appreciative of the skills acquired from the training received. They enjoy the self-study supported by online group conversations”. – Ms. Kgadi Senyatsi | Head: Business Development | SAPPO
  • “… the best thing about this course: It bridges the gap between the theory and putting it into practice! This is the best course BY FAR that I ever attended. Thanks again for guiding my team and me through this course.” – Casper Steenkamp | Director: Culminit – Solutions Not Software
  • “The combination of individual learning activities reinforced by group interaction worked really well for the group. We want to thank you for the valuable and pleasant learning experience.” – Dr Henriëtte van den Berg | Senior Management | University of the Free State.



  • Online content and events.
  • Group size: 10-15 participants.  We work with as many groups as required.
  • Lifetime access to online course materials.
  • Interactive facilitator-led online group workshops (we like calling them LEARNshops).
  • Individual online consultations.
  • Complimentary membership to Optimal Productivity. Learning Community.
  • Follow-up workshop post-programme.
  • Ongoing support available via email, WhatsApp, online with Teams, or phone – even after the course has been completed.


Options to implement Outlook Productivity

Optimal Personal Productivity


Managing Everyday Actions, Meetings, and Critical Reference Information



Add the complete  “Managing Small Projects” to Essentials



Time-Saving Shortcuts, Tips, Tricks and Techniques.

Typically for organisations with 100+ employees.

We co-create a programme that’s tailored to your exact needs, ensuring even higher relevance and applicability.

With direct input from the intended audience, the course will be more aligned with the current challenges and requirements of the group.

Foundational Principles and Processes.Welcome to Managing Small Projects.
Eliminate Email Overwhelm: Email triage.Look before you leap – pre-mortem beats post-mortem.
Eliminate Email Overwhelm: Transform email into prioritised actions in Calendar and Tasks.Planning.
Prioritising: Using Calendar to schedule your priorities.Execution: The project is active – move it along smoothly.
Prioritising – Create your “To-Choose” list, organised by context in Tasks.           Brainstorming and mind mapping with free software Xmind.
Focus.  Manage boundaries.  Say ‘no’.Using “Outlook Tasks” for your small projects.
Reference Information – Contacts.  Notes. Interplay with other Outlook modules.MS OneNote – Capture, organise, share, collaborate.
Building Your Trusted Productivity Support System.

Budget considerations

We appreciate that you will need to consider budget and financial considerations.

We address that during our follow-up conversations as we develop the solution that exactly meets your needs.