Optimal Team Productivity (With MS Teams as your Central Collaboration Hub)


There is far more to MS Teams than meets the eye!

Our objective is to help teams make the most of TEAMS, boosting their productivity and optimizing collaboration.

We have found that TEAMS is typically used for Meetings and Chats. We help teams get that much more from TEAMS by setting up and using TEAMS as their central working and collaboration hub.

We do this by helping teams:

  • Navigate TEAMS confidently, be more organized, and minimize distractions.
  • Significantly improve communication by making the most of the Chat, Calendar, and Calls Apps
  • Unlock the full collaboration power of TEAMS in a practical step-by-step manner.
  • Set up and adopt a Teams etiquette and utilization agreement to help teams work more cohesively, especially in a Hybrid work environment.


Setting up TEAMS as a Central Collaboration Hub reduces the application overwhelm by making use of the many free Apps available in TEAMS. You also have the entire Office Suite and your files at your fingertips.


 Our Approach

TrainingPractical TEAMS Integration

We meet you where you are at, understand your needs, and tailor the content accordingly

Self-paced learning using our online content

Interactive facilitator-led online group workshops or on-site if preferred

Individual online consultations

Post-training ongoing support via email, WhatsApp, or Online sessions

Group Teams Orientation session covering the essentials and setting up TEAMS as central working hub

One-on-one sessions with each team member to integrate MS Teams with their work processes

Follow-up session to fine-tune the integration and address any questions


Budget considerations

We appreciate that you will need to consider budget and financial considerations.

We address that during our follow-up conversations as we develop the solution that exactly meets your needs.