Our Approach

We do not do traditional “IT training”.  Many other service providers, Udemy, ChatGPT, YouTube, and Google offer multiple resources that teach the tech.

It’s when we add the human touch and effective processes that we truly unlock its potential.

We will co-create your success at the intersection of people, process, and technology.

We acknowledge that your situation and needs are different.  We will work together to filter out everything unnecessary so we exactly meet your needs.

Optimal productivity is about achieving the best results with a balanced and sustainable approach, ensuring consistent effectiveness without overextension.

Optimal Productivity isn’t just a programme.  It’s a promise.

We aim for clear communication, effective delegation, focused decision-making, being even better organised, staying focused on priorities, reduced stress, improved collaboration. All of this while using MS Outlook and Teams as trusted business productivity tools and not just for emails and meetings.

How we deliver

(Details will be discussed in our discovery session.)

We agree with Brandon Busteed in Forbes: “Any [corporate] education and training that can be done online will be done online, always, from this point forward.

The reasons for this are simple: companies have realized they can do it faster, more effectively and less expensively online while their employees also widely prefer it too.”

Our productivity-improvement programmes for users of MS Outlook and MS Teams are built on four solid pillars of effective hybrid education:

    • Lifetime access to online content.
    • Live interactive facilitator-led group workshops.
    • Ongoing support.
    • Membership of our Optimal Productivity Learning Community.

We will devise a schedule that best suits the availability of your participating groups.

Our Programmes
We offer a range of programmes to improve personal and team effectiveness.

The red button takes you to the basic details of our Optimal Personal Productivity (with Outlook) programme, whereas the blue button take you to our Optimal Team Productivity (with Teams) programmes.

During our upcoming conversations we will explore all options in detail.