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Welcome to Productivity Pit Stop, where we specialise in crafting bespoke productivity solutions for L&D and HR professionals, department heads, and team leaders. Our approach blends people, process, and technology to optimise organisational productivity.


Our Approach
We embrace each client’s unique challenges and goals, offering customised, adaptable solutions. Our philosophy is to harmoniously blend people, process, and technology for sustainable performance and efficiency improvements.


Services Adaptability
Our services, ranging from group workshops to 1-on-1 coaching, are flexible and adaptable, tailored to the unique needs of your organisation. We collaborate with you to craft programmes that integrate human talent, efficient processes, and technology, ensuring our solutions align with your specific requirements and schedule.


Customisation and Co-Creation
From generic courses to fully co-created solutions, we adapt our offerings to fit your context and challenges, integrating seamlessly with your operational rhythms.


Aligning with Your Calendar
We prioritise aligning with your calendar and operational tempo, offering maximum adaptability to meet your immediate and long-term needs.


For Groups with Members from Different Departments
Our programmes for diverse groups focus on universally applicable productivity principles. Courses like ‘Personal Productivity Mastery with Outlook’ and ‘Managing Small Projects’ are designed to enhance individual skills and align actions with business goals.

Outlook Productivity is our flagship programme for across-the-board improvement of personal productivity. Time-proven productivity principles come alive in MS Outlook. Save 40 minutes every day.  Eliminate email overwhelm. Prioritise and organise work more effectively. Have less work-related stress. Be more focused yet relaxed. Master  the use of Outlook as a business productivity tool and not just for email and meeting management.

The core Outlook Productivity programme plus a module on mastering the essential elements of MS Teams.

This course is not a specialised ‘project management’ course.  It helps people to almost effortlessly plan, communicate, collaborate, and track their multiple small projects – things that require more than one step to complete it..  MS Outlook ties up with MS OneNote and the XMind mind mapping software to ensure the effective management of small projects so they don’t end up in the projects graveyard.

Practical ways to enable highly effective and productive meetings. Not only does it leverage the technology in MS Teams but emphasises principles and processes for having effective meetings.

A ‘low-tech’ programme of mastering the personal productivity principles and skills. Achieving clarity of mind and purpose helps to align actions with business goals. Mistakes and rework are minimised by working at the appropriate pace. Managing boundaries effectively enables flexibility, focus and deep work. Continuous improvement is achieved through daily reviews.

For Intact Work Teams
We offer tailored workshops and sessions to enhance team productivity. From improving communication with tools like Microsoft Teams to workshops for eliminating inefficiencies and building high-performance cultures, our goal is to develop skills for sustained team success.

Each of the courses mentioned above can be tailored to address the specific productivity challenges and objectives of your team. We also work with you to create practical, actionable solutions to help your team to manage joint projects more effectively, enhance creative brainstorming sessions, or streamline task delegation and follow-up.

We focus on improving and simplifying communication within teams, including the use of tools like Microsoft Teams for seamless interaction. Our methods are aimed at fostering open, effective communication channels that reduce misunderstandings, streamline information flow, and enhance decision-making processes.

Our training sessions are designed to reinforce collaborative skills, ensuring that team members can work together more efficiently. This includes practical exercises in collaborative project management, shared goal setting, and leveraging digital collaboration tools to their full potential.

By using the process developed by GE, we work together in a workshop to identify and eliminate inefficiencies that tend to creep into the way teams work.  We address one or more of these typical challenges: reports, approvals, meetings, measures, policies, and procedures.

A key area of our expertise is transforming how teams conduct meetings. We provide strategies for conducting focused, outcome-driven meetings, significantly reducing time wastage, and measurably boosting meeting productivity.

Beyond traditional productivity techniques, we offer sessions geared towards building a high-performance team culture. This includes identifying and leveraging individual strengths, understanding team dynamics, and creating an environment where innovation and excellence are the norms.  We will identify how we can exactly meet your team building needs.

1-on-1 High-Performance Workflow Management Coaching
Tailored for senior professionals and executives, our 1-on-1 coaching focuses on high-performance workflow management, optimising decision-making and time management, and applying each individual’s unique Pattern of High Performance for a fulfilling professional lifestyle.


Our wide range of webinars caters to broader audiences, offering short, targeted sessions and interactive ‘Productivity Power Hour’ events. Topics range from traditional productivity strategies to off-beat approaches like ‘Harnessing Laziness to Boost Productivity.’


Let’s work together to elevate productivity at every level. Our services are designed to blend people, process, and technology for lasting success. Ready to transform your productivity? Click below to schedule a personalised consultation.