Discover a Lifelong Success Toolkit for
Getting Your Projects DONE

Welcome to “Getting Your Projects DONE” – not just a course, but a transformation journey for your projects, big or small.

Designed exclusively for HR and L&D professionals, this webinar offers a sneak peek into a comprehensive programme that promises to help you get your projects DONE even easier, faster, and better.   

This is a special invitation: Join this executive briefing with the vision of not only enhancing your personal expertise but also exploring the potential for helping your team and other teams in your organisation. We’re offering a pathway to extend this unconventional approach across your organization.

You may not currently enjoy MS Teams so much, but this programme promises to turn the platform you already know into the most powerful project management tool you’ll love for your small solo and group projects.

 Why Attend:

  • Discover a Lifelong Toolkit for Success: Learn about our unique blend of community, interaction, support, and continuously updated content.  Our flexibility enables us to always adapt to exactly meet our clients’ needs.


  • Preview Practical Skills and Solutions: Get a first look at the course content designed to tackle real-world challenges, from managing multiple projects to streamlining communication.


  • Tailored Insights: Dive into challenges and solutions resonant with HR and L&D projects, from onboarding and development initiatives to diversity efforts and performance management.


  • Interactive Preview: Experience firsthand the dynamic interaction and community engagement that define this pathway to success.


  • Expert Guidance: Meet the minds behind the method and learn how ongoing support can help ensure successful projects that will not only boost your department’s strategic profile in your organisation, but also position you as szomeone who acts proactively to help the company to meet its goals.


  • Future-Ready Learning: Explore continuously updated online content, ensuring your toolkit remains cutting-edge.


  • See Microsoft Teams in a New Light: Whether you’re a Teams enthusiast or skeptic, discover how this platform can revolutionise your project management efforts.

: Tuesday 20 February 2024
Time: 10:07 – 10:57
Recording: Yes.

Secure your spot now and join us for an exclusive journey into mastering small projects with ease and efficiency, all within Microsoft Teams.



NB: Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your project management skills and discover why, even if you haven’t been a fan of Teams, “Getting our Projects DONE” will make you love it for its untapped potential.


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